Conference Keynote

"Michael always presents with challenging and progressive ideas to help our members build their businesses. And he delivers with a great sense of enthusiasm and fun. When we book Michael we know we’ll fill the room."

Ralph Dunning, Chairman, The drinks Association

Event Hosting

"Superb – balancing good humour, the need for strong room management and respect for the audience. He was right on brief and we’ve received great feedback on the night."

Sandra Prizibilla, CEO, drinks Association

Conference Keynote

" of the most impressive, street wise, humourous and fact-based presenters and thought leaders.."

Simone Allen, CEO, Mondo Consulting



Executive Presentation Training

"One of the best training courses the team said they ever attended."

Heidi, Marketing Director

Team Communication and Collaboration

"...that's Michael's great skill - the ability to help teams diagnose their strengths, opportunities and reset themselves to drive success..." 

Chris Percy, CEO, Nielsen Pacific

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Business Strategy Facilitation

"He gets how business works – and he gets how to get the best value from teams"

Doug Misener, CEO, LMG