All my work is bespoke. Designed simply to your brief and your outcomes.  If you are not quite sure of the brief, we can work on that together.

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Executive Presentation Training

Heidi had a challenge. A big national conference in front of global leadership and their franchisee network. And the executive team were not confident presenters.

We spent half a day with her team, in an engaging and fun session. We taught process, we practised simple presentation techniques. By the session end we had better presentation plans that take a fraction of the time to prepare. Even better we had far more comfortable presenters. And the feedback?  

"one of the best training sessions the team had ever attended"


Corporate Keynote Presentation

Doug wanted to add extra impact to his strategic plan. He needed to tie together his conference themes around key consumer and retail trends. And his audience of 400 needed it done in an engaging and credible way.

I delivered a keynote on retail execution using global data sets and retail case studies. And delivered all this with interactive fun quizzes and humour. 

"superb - once again, right on brief and hugely enjoyed by our members and suppliers"

ADA 2016-220.jpg

Major Event Hosting

Sandra needed to get an audience of 500 to focus on their important industry awards night. And she needed it delivered with the right balance of authority and humour.

Together we worked closely with the production team, using new video content featuring industry names. We also balanced industry jokes to grab attention, with the serious business of the awards.  The audience response was enthusiastic and hit all the key outcomes for the night.

"spot on - a perfect balance between control and great humour"

Executive Presentation Coaching


Amanda needed to present to an audience of peers and academics. Her paper needed to reflect her seniority and experience – but there was a big problem. Presenting filled her with dread.  Lost sleep, endless revisions and above all huge anxiety threatened to derail her.

Together we worked through a simple approach to the presentation. We focused on the “storytelling” rather than the presenting. We applied an easy structure to the presentation, and rehearsed it piece by piece. We tightened language so there was less to say and used simple tips to get comfortable standing in front of a crowd. The result was astounding.  Confident delivery with a clear and compelling message. 

“In just 2 sessions my comfort level was transformed. Nothing short of a revelation – I wish I’d done this years ago”